Examining the Feasibility of a “15-Minute City” with the Physical & Economic Constraints of New York City

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Source — C40 Cities

Our world has been shrinking for a long time — we can hold personal computers that connect us to knowledge, work, and friends in the palm of our hands. In 2020, we have been staying at home to stay safe from COVID-19, leading to the rise of Zoom meetings and creative ways to stay in touch with our human connections. We have looked inwards, but have our cities? In Paris, Mayor Anne Hildago and planner Carlos Moreno are leading an ambitious new way of thinking about urban dwelling: The “15-Minute City.” Their vision would shrink the carbon footprint of urban residents and allow people to spend more time with one another instead of commuting. It is a truly noble idea, and could make our cities even better. But is this plan feasible in New York City, with its five boroughs physically divided by rivers and a much different geographic landscape than Paris? …

Diving into Ridership Data on the NYC Ferry Between September 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2020

September — 2020

Bill De Blasio is the Mayor of New York

Only the MTA, Bikes, Ride-Sharing Fleets & Landlords Stand Before Him

The East River is now used for Public Transportation

Introduction: I’m on a Boat

There is no way to talk about the history of New York City without talking about transportation over water. From its early days as a deep water trading port to the current global metropolis, crossing over oceans, bays and rivers is entrenched in the city’s foundations. In the latest chapter of this long sea-tale is the NYC Ferry, introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio and operated by private company Hornblower Cruises. While expected to compete with the city’s bus and subway network, it has never come close to the expected ridership envisioned by the city. …


Charley Cohen

NYU Wagner — Master’s of Urban Planning Candidate, 2022

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